Did you see a Mirror Hour? Find out its Meaning

A “mirror hour” is a two-digit hour. It usually appears accidentally when looking at your phone, watch, or any device that displays the time in digital format. It may give you a strange feeling, especially when the same double-time appears to you regularly.

A mirror hour is made up of numbers that correspond to minutes, for example, 11:11. This phenomenon is closely linked to numerology and astrology, as well as to the idea of synchronicity discovered by Carl Gustav Jung, the Swiss psychiatrist (1875 – 1961).

The use of digital clocks has highlighted the 24-hour mirror that appears to us every day. These are: 01:01 02:02 03:03 04:04 05:05 06:06 07:07 08:08 09:09 10:10 11:11 12:12 13:13 14:14 15:15 16:16 17:17 18:18 19:19 20:20 21:21 22:22 23:23 and finally 00:00 With 01:01 being the first mirror hour and 00:00 being the last, each hour has its own meaning or message. They can be revealed to us through an interpretation of angels with the help of Doreen Virtue; by numerological calculation; or through an astrological reading related to the Tarot de Marseille cards.

Synchronicity and The Mirror Hour.

Synchronicity is part of the analytical psychology developed by Carl Jung. It refers to the simultaneous occurrence of two events which, although they seem to have no direct causal link between them, once associated gain meaning for those who observe them.

This idea of ​​synchronicity must be seen as part of a collective unconscious made up of archetypes. Jung noted that some patients had lives totally regulated by time, their dreams, or a specific “theme”.

Daily synchronicities present a real challenge to the idea of ​​causality. When we experience a moment of synchronicity, it can worry us or give us access to another point of view of the paradigms around us.

At 1:13 p.m., for example, you may receive a message or phone call from someone you were thinking of! The number will probably call you quite loudly, which is quite normal! This is the nature of synchronicity; it will feel natural to you. Sometimes the message is clear and sometimes not at all clear.

Why did I see a Mirror Hour?

An hour in the mirror can appear to you for many different reasons and is always very personal. Here are the different meanings that can be taken into account to explain the repeated occurrence or occurrence of a mirroring hour.

A sign from your guardian angel

The study of guardian angels tells us that clock hours are a method by which these spirit beings can communicate with the material world. The works of Doreen Virtue allow us to share with you the angelic message corresponding to each hour in the mirror.

If you often see the same time in the mirror in your daily life, it could mean that your angel is trying to make herself known. Look for other potential signs, as they are definitely trying to warn or protect you from something dangerous.

Someone thinks of you

As mentioned earlier, synchronicity moves in the collective unconscious. If you often see the same double hour, it could mean that someone has strong feelings about you.

To understand the nature of these feelings, take the time to identify the sensations you are experiencing when you see the time. You will be able to find out whether this person fills you with positive or negative energy.

An entity is trying to contact you

Like an angel, an entity can try to contact you. It could be a dead person or a spirit that wants to guide you. In any case, you must be careful about the nature of this entity.

If you see an hour in the mirror in a “supernatural” context, you have to go fast and see a psychic. This can be what is called a poltergeist or the manifestation of an evil spirit.

You need answers!

When we face difficult challenges in our lives, we seek answers to our questions. The art of fortune-telling often gives us a better picture of the future, and looking at the mirror hour can give you some keys to your destiny.

Much like analyzing your life trajectory through numerology, analyzing a double hour that you see all the time can help you be successful and overcome the obstacles you face.

It’s a message from your subconscious!

Our subconscious constitutes 90% of our being. Unlike the conscious mind, we cannot control it, it has no free will and functions much like a computer.

The conscious mind gives it a program to run, but after that, it goes on autopilot. This explains why you sometimes check the time unconsciously because your subconscious has something it wants to tell you!

The significance of a Mirror Hour

You may have already understood that an hour in the mirror can have several meanings and here we will give you more information about the double hour that you have seen. If you want to understand the meaning and the message behind a mirror hour, simply go to the “Hours” section and choose the one that interests you the most.

You will then have a complete overview for you to discover its meaning using angelology, numerology and card reading. We will also publish many articles related to the numerological study of hours that will allow you to learn more about reverse and triple hours.

We also invite you to discover the number of angels. We have implemented a tool that allows us to know the meaning of the numbers from 0 to 999 with a complete interpretation of the 72 guardian angels. You can even consult the oracle of the numbers which will give you full advice when you feel the need.

The Messages Behind Mirror hours

There is an hour in the mirror every hour, and if you are lucky enough to see them several times, pay attention to their messages through the meaning of the numbers. To make it easier for you, here’s a guide to the messages behind mirror time.


00-00 in digital watch

0 represents nothing but also unlimited potential. Your guardian angel sends you a message: get rid of the weights that are conditioning you, because you have to make a crucial choice. Read More


01-01 in digital watch

In the world of numerology, 1 is the number of ambition and leadership, and if you look at the clock at 1:01 a.m., it’s a call to take your plans more decisively. Additionally, your angel says someone loves you, but it also signals isolation and loneliness. Read More


02-02 in digital watch

The number 2 represents duality, couples, love, and friendship. In this case, your relationship with others becomes more intense, and if you match the mirror hour 02:02, listen to your angels: someone may be hiding something from you. Be very careful with ambiguity. Read More

03:0303-03 in digital watch

Watching this hour on the clock hides a crucial message: don’t trust the people around you. The number 3 is the symbol of communication and sociability, but your angel wants to warn you about toxic relationships and encourage you to stay alert and active. Read More


04-04 in digital watch

This mirror hour is a symbol of warning, a play of power, strength, and violence. The number 4 represents rigidity and lack of flexibility. If you see this time a few times, don’t think twice and protect yourself: someone is conspiring behind your back. Read More


05-05 in digital watch

Be careful, because this hour has a very interesting interpretation: someone is dying to win your heart! Yes, someone you know is in love with you, but number 5 is about expansion and pioneering ideas too. Keep your feet on the ground. Read More


06-06 in digital watch

The number 6 represents sensitive, faithful, and loving people. When you see this time a few times, take it seriously: your guardian angel encourages you to love yourself better in order to evolve and says that someone cares deeply about you. Read More


07-07 in digital watch

7 is the number of intellect and wisdom, so when you combine this hour in the mirror, your angel advises you to use your self-knowledge and make the most of it. And be careful, because a person with light eyes feels something special for you. Read More


08-08 in digital watch

Be the kings and queens of your own life. This is the message behind the mirror hour of the number 8 (symbol of money, ambition, and daring). You are close to a big change, but you can’t trust yourself too much because anything can backfire on you in the blink of an eye. Read More


09-09 in digital watch

Research and humanity are generally hidden behind the number 9, a symbol of altruism and idealism. Your guardian angel encourages you to stop being so conceited and to offer more good things to others. You are about to form a beautiful friendship. Read More


10-10 in digital watch

The mirror hour at 10:10 has a very positive message: the hour of love has arrived! It indicates self-confidence and luck on your path, and your angel communicates with you to say that someone is in love with you and you need to find the right path. Read More


As for 00:00 and 22:22, these are crucial moments because 4 digits coincide. 11:11 is the impulse of love to the extreme, and the angels are warning you that you are in danger of suffering greatly.  Read More


Be careful when this magical moment arrives, because it is a good time to place an order. This hour opens up endless opportunities, and the angels advise you to sharpen your wits and intelligence to make the most of your potential.   Read More


The 13:13 mirror hour materializes the fulfillment of wishes and brings you closer to your dreams. Your effort is rewarded and you are happy with yourself. You also need to connect with your inner self and be more spiritual. Read More


It’s time to persist and restore your self-confidence. If you are feeling frustrated or have experienced failure and you can see the time on your watch, be extra careful: don’t stop trying, because persistence is the key to success.  Read More


When you see this hour in the mirror several times, you are bound to let go of laziness and excuses and unleash your passion to the fullest. Now is the time for fun and attraction to come in. And be careful, because your ex is back in the game  Read More


When this mirror hour appears on your watch, your angel gives you great advice: there is a lot of negativity in you and the more you let go of dirty feelings, the more you attract others. Read More


Be extra careful at this time as it indicates sudden relationship problems. What can you do? Your guardian angel is trying to tell you to use your inner strength to overcome all of your problems.  Read More


Combining this time is synonymous with understanding all that love means, the sacrifice it involves, and how to benefit from it. Use your maturity wisely and live your relationships in a more relaxed atmosphere. Read More


Patience has its rewards, and when you match at 19:19 you need to get your angel’s message to be more patient and take things more calmly. Remember, your angel is always there to listen. Read More


This time, it takes discretion: the less you try to be flashy, the more attention you will attract. In fact, if you see this hour, listen to your angel’s announcement: someone you care about will show you what love is.  Read More


The 21:21 onset is not just a coincidence, but the prediction of something great coming on, a change that can bring success in your life. After much effort, receive your rewards, with all hopes in your heart.    Read More


This mirror hour comes before a very important call from the person you love. But it also forces you to follow your constant efforts to help others. You will receive whatever good you give.   Read More


This time is a warning sign: your partner needs your attention and you need to be closer and more communicative. On the other hand, you have to keep believing in yourself.   Read More