21:21 Meaning With Angel Spiritual and Numerology

Surely you have to look at the time of the 21:21 mirror on your watch and believe it or not, this is not a matter of chance. Thanks to the 21:21 mirror time, your guardian angel is trying to get your attention to send you a message.

What is the meaning of the time in the mirror 21:21? Discover the message your guardian angel has for you.

If you have seen this mirror several times, time 21:21, then there is no doubt that your guardian angel is wanting to send you a message. What are you waiting for? Discover the message your angel has for you.

At 9:21 pm you have a positive sense, you are very important to a person, but you do not realize why your mind is very concerned with the material aspects of your life.

Discover the meaning of the mirror hour 21:21 now with an interpretation of the angels, a study of numerology and a study of the Marseille Tarot. Finding the 21:21 double hour has a precise meaning and we are going to give you all the information that exists in this mirror hour composed of a double “21”.

Your subconscious is taking the time to communicate with your conscious mind. This made it possible for you to receive a signal from your guardian angel, a spirit guide, or an entity. This may be thanks to the concept of synchronicity theorized by Carl Jung. Two events that have nothing to do with each other end up coming together to have a coherent meaning for those who observe the phenomenon.

Finding the mirror at 21:21 can raise many questions! If this happens regularly, you either have the answers deep inside you or your angel thinks you could benefit from his guidance. Here you will learn what 21:21 means through the different interpretations that we suggest with the help of angelology, numerology, and cartomancy.

Meaning of 21:21 with the Guardian Angels

The time 21:21 brings an important message from the angels! If you are working on an important project, this double hour tells you that it will be a success. You have proven your patience and ultimately you will be rewarded. You will reap the rewards of your labor and you deserve it.

21:21 Meaning With Angel Spiritual and Numerology
21:21 Meaning With Angel Spiritual and Numerology

Here we can have total success because seeing 21:21 is a wonderful message! You will finally be recognized for what you have accomplished. It is like the culmination of your efforts. If it has to do with your professional life, surely you will receive a promotion or take on an important project. You will have great responsibilities! You have certainly done all you can to reach this level and have been working for some time.

However, the angel also gives you a warning. You have to keep a cool head! Your mind is very good at seeing the big picture and you are able to handle big projects, but do your best to stay on top of the fray or risk being part of it! You give without expecting anything in return, but sometimes it is detrimental to your personal well-being.

When you see 21:21, your angel is telling you that you should take time for yourself! You have a great capacity for meditation, so you should practice more often or get your hands on it, if you haven’t already! It inspires divine wisdom in your body, which allows you to refuel. This can be useful if you have internal conflicts to resolve.

21:21 or 2121 symbolizes a combination of the energies associated with the numbers 2 and 1. Again, the presence of 1 here suggests that you are vibrating at a high frequency. You are highly capable of shaping your reality according to your will.

It also marks a phase of inspiration or awakening as shown. However, number 2 is just as important in this combination. The connotations of the number 2 are balance, harmony, receptivity, and satisfaction. When these two numbers are combined, your life is currently centered around a theme of self-awareness, identifying your true values ​​, and finding out what you really want.

People often see this combination of numbers when they are at a crossroads in their Law of Attraction work. For example, you may have honed several of the key skills. However, you may not be sure where you want to focus your manifestation energy.

Angelic Interpretation of the Hour 21:21

The corresponding guardian angel with 21:21 is Damabiah, whose period of influence is between 21:20 and 21:40. He is the symbol of the essence of life! With your help and guidance, you will be successful in your projects, especially if they are meant to help other people.

It gives you the potential to explore your inner self wisely, for example, with the help of meditation. It is also a great help if you want to get rid of a curse or an evil spirit. He never leaves you alone in the face of evil!

Since the number 2121 is a mixture of number 2 and number 1, it is heavily influenced by the energies that numbers 1 and 2 carry. Since these numbers appear twice, the energy that these numbers carry is amplified.

The number 1 is an indicator that your thoughts create your realities. It is a sign from your angels to keep your thoughts, actions, and beliefs positive as your thoughts manifest and create. It is also a carrier of energies that resonate with the effort to advance and achieve your goals. It is a symbol of assertiveness, intuition and initiation, self-confidence, new beginnings, determination, and uniqueness. Through number 1, your angels are trying to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and achieve your goals.

Angel number 21:21 is a very powerful signal to receive from the universe. Your angels are trying to encourage you to trust your own inner knowledge. Finding 21:21 more often is a sign that it is time for introspection, know the good and bad traits you have, identify your path and purpose in life, know your true values, goals, and needs in life.

It is a sign that things in the near future may go in the desired direction, you may be faced with some new opportunities that can lead to happiness and personal fulfillment. Throughout this time, you need to be grateful for all the blessings you have in your life and also for those who are on their way.

Influence of the Archangels on 21:21




From 21:00 to 22:00 – Archangel: Gabriel – Planetary Energy: The Moon


From 21:00 to 22:00 – Archangel: Camael – Planetary Energy: Mars


From 21:00 to 22:00 – Archangel: Michael – Planetary Energy: Mercury


From 21:00 to 22:00 – Archangel: Zadkiel – Planetary Energy: Jupiter


From 21:00 to 22:00 – Archangel: Haniel – Planetary Energy: Venus


From 21:00 to 22:00 – Archangel: Zaphkiel – Planetary Energy: Saturn


From 21:00 to 22:00 – Archangel: Raphael – Planetary Energy: The Sun

What does 21:21 mean in Numerology?

If you continue to see the mirror at hour 21:21, you need to focus on your attitude to life, the people around you, and of course, your desires, goals, and obligations.

The key to success is to be in tune with the world around you, but especially within you. Responsibility is the key to being content and at peace with yourself.

To be responsible is to be stubborn, courageous, and to value yourself. Being kind to others is essential to nurturing your own good nature.

The most logical thing is that when a problem or a mistake arises, accept what happened and in this situation try to understand your actions.

When analyzing the problem, the responsible person will focus on finding a solution and how to implement it in the most efficient way.

Also, when they see a mistake, most people blame someone else because it seems easier. This type of thinking can have a detrimental effect on personal relationships and, for this reason, the person will give up looking for a solution.

It is up to you to recognize your involvement in a situation, to analyze it with other people, and to face the consequences that your actions may have had.

Those responsible in these situations will look for a way to resolve the problem as quickly as possible. These people are not looking for the culprit, but for a solution to the existing problem. With such a person, you will always know what you are doing.

Due to the responsible attitude, communication will generally go well. Even when things don’t go as planned, you can still expect a fair relationship from them.


The moral of the message behind the 21:21 mirror hour is that the balance between personal goals and relationships with the world around is the key to a harmonious life.

Being flexible when the time requires and being dedicated to your goals while having enough time for the people in your life are important things for a balanced life.

This is a message that should awaken a sense of responsibility, but also of understanding, compassion, and love.

Although for this materialistic century the mirror is just an object of common and daily use, for those men of ancient civilizations it also had a religious and magical purpose and was used in many different ways. The mirror hours are there to advise and guide you in the right direction, so listen to them if you want to see your success in the best possible way.

Never forget who you are and what you want, but be ready to adapt to changes and be open to the opinions of others and your love.

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