05:55 Meaning With The Guardian Angel, Spiritual and Numerology

The phenomena of synchronicity, like the triple mirror hour of 05:55, often lead us to ask ourselves questions. This is especially true when they regularly appear before us, and there are many reasons why they do so. In fact, this hour is a way for our subconscious to communicate with our conscious mind.

Additionally, according to Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, it is possible that two unrelated events could be meaningful to the person who notices them. By regularly displaying the triple mirror time of 05:55, the universe is trying to say that a big change will happen in your life, but you shouldn’t see it as positive or negative, as all changes depend on the flow of life.

This hour can be an answer to your prayers, so keep your thoughts on happiness and your mind always at peace. To have a detailed and more complete understanding of the meaning of this special hour, however, you must take a look at numerology and an interpretation of the guardian angels.

Numbers come into our world for a reason. Each number hides a message for you that you can use and apply in your own life when the going gets tough.

In today’s text, we’re going to talk about the numbers 05:55 and the type of message behind them.

05:55 Mirror Hour – Symbolism and Meaning

If you are one of those who wake up early or sleep soundly, it is certainly your turn to notice the time in the mirror of 05:55 on your watch, it is not an accident, and it means that your angel wants to send a message, find out what this message is thanks to the mirror time 05:55.

Go several times that you should already see this time 5:05 and that puzzles you? Do not worry here we will take all your doubts and, we will tell you everything in this mirror hour.

05:55 Meaning With The Guardian Angel, Spiritual and Numerology
05:55 Meaning With The Guardian Angel, Spiritual, and Numerology

The time of 05:55 is a joyous message that your guardian angel is telling you. He remembers that he’s always by your side, even though you can’t see him.

Seeing this time in the 05:55 mirror repeatedly means that your Guardian Angel wishes to say that someone secretly loves you, maybe it is someone close, so open your eyes wide.

Our guardian angels and the Universe often use mirror hours to communicate with us.

Mirror hours are times when the hours and minutes are reflected. With triple mirror hours, a number appears three times within the hour. This amplifies the influence of that number on the overall message.

When the triple mirror hour of 05:55 begins to appear frequently in your life, this event is a possible sign of some important changes that will take place in your life. These changes are likely to cause you to let go of the past altogether for your own benefit.

It can mean severing relationships with people who have hindered your progress or freeing you from attachments to things and situations that are not good for your overall well-being and are also hampering your progress.

These changes will stem from your decision to finally get rid of anything that does not serve your highest purpose.

This mirror hour is a sign from your guardian angels that you will have full support in this process and encourage you to act as quickly as possible. You will pave the way for new auspicious opportunities that await you after facing the past.

Significance of 05:55 with the guardian angels

Associated with the triple mirror hour of 05:55, the Guardian Angel Caliel represents divine justice and truth. It prioritizes absolute truth in the realm of justice while protecting you from slander. This Guardian Angel will help you identify what is right and understand the connection between good and evil so that you can celebrate the laws of the divine. Under your protection, you will have a sense of fair and unassailable judgment.

This guardian angel is your boss and protector and uses the mirror hour 05:55 to let you know that he is able to dispel any doubts from your mind to replace them with love and integrity. It will also give you valuable support against adversity while keeping you away from difficult and dark situations, as well as any grim challenges you may face.

Caliel uses the 05:55 mirror hour to announce that he will drive away those who use justice for their own material wealth, as well as those who just want to fight against others and take things for themselves. It will also protect you from illegal procedures, pretense, malpractice, altercations, abject behavior, and inaccurate evidence. If you are the victim of an accusation, it will be vital support.

As a Guardian Angel of Absolute Truth and Divine Justice, Caliel also tries to tell you that he will help you in your work. You know how to distinguish right from wrong, which will allow you to make the best decisions for your career. It will also bring you clairvoyance and benevolence to allow you to respect the rules which accompany life in society.

Through this triple mirror hour, the guardian angel also informs him that he will help in his constant search for honesty and loyalty. If you are a judge or magistrate, or if you are studying law, he will be an indisputable source of help. He wants you to inspire justice in everything you do.

What Does 05:55 Mean Spiritually?

The triple mirror hour of 05:55 resonates closely with the energy of the Guardian Angel Caliel.

Caliel symbolizes divine truth and justice. It protects you from mistakes and intrigues behind your back. Caliel will help you understand what is right, so that you can make the right decisions, ensuring that everyone’s rights are safe and protected.

This guardian angel will help you get rid of your worries and doubts and change them with faith and optimism.

It will help you to stop worrying about the results of your actions and to have confidence that everything will develop perfectly and according to your highest interests and the interests of everyone involved.

If you are struggling with indecision and are having trouble making certain decisions, this will help you decide which option is best for you. Caliel will protect you against false lawsuits, illegal situations, and situations where you can put your safety at risk.

If you are falsely accused, which is a likely situation, if this hour appears frequently in your life, Caliel will help you clear your name.

You can expect this angel to help you in your job and career. Expect changes for the better, in the form of new job postings, promotions, and salary adjustments. It will help you make the best decisions that will ensure your professional growth and success. You will intuitively know what to do in certain situations.

This mirror hour is particularly beneficial for all who are involved in the law, whether as a profession or in certain legal proceedings. He ensures that justice is done whatever the circumstances.

What does 05:55 mean in Numerology?

The number 60 announces love, harmony, fulfillment, and a feeling of perfection. When it comes to the 05:55 mirror time, an hour you see regularly, the number reminds you that you are a pacifist by nature. You find your fulfillment by putting yourself at the service of others and by being able to sacrifice yourself for your fellow men. You are a caring person and enjoy working to resolve all kinds of complicated situations.

The angelic numerology of the number 60 announces that you will be very successful in your job, but to be truly successful you will need to show effort and willpower. You are the type of person who needs movement and change in your life. You are always striving to resuscitate yourself so that you can escape a difficult situation. At the same time, your emotionality will be put to a severe test; you have to control it to avoid making a bad choice. To be successful, use your courage, your foresight, and your energy.

Through the triple mirror hour of 05:55 angel number 60 indicates that in your family you are providing help to those close to you and that you can go a long way to meet all your needs. You are loving, kind, and friendly to those you love. You like gratitude and you feel useful. For you, the love that others have for you is essential. You are a great partner and a great father.

The number 60 inspires balance, independence, and harmony. You are influenced by this number which makes you a responsible and reliable person, but you also enjoy the finer things in life like stimulating debates, traveling, etc. home and office.

The numerology of this number asks you not to strive for perfection too much as it can become toxic, prevent you from taking action, prevent you from expressing yourself, or prevent you from making decisions. You have to get rid of your inferiority complex and the constant feeling of guilt, as this will always lead to you wanting to offer more than you are capable of.

What does 05:55 mean in Astrology?

The number 5 in astrology resonates with the planet Mercury and the signs of Gemini and Virgo. The number 6 is the number of the planet Venus and the signs of Taurus and Libra. The number 0 is the number of Pluto and the sign of Scorpio.

The number 0 is a number of totality, infinity, openness, completeness, new beginnings, ends, closures, changing cycles, infinite cycles, phases, eternity, God, the universe, universal laws, potential, opportunities, choices, etc.

It amplifies the influence of other numbers, in this case, the number 5. It can symbolize the start of a spiritual journey with the goal of achieving enlightenment.

Number 5 is a series of adventures, changes, independence, freedom, creativity, adaptability, knowledge acquisition, experiential learning, resourcefulness, courage, individuality, etc.

The number 6 is a number of stability, balance, harmony, home, family, service to others, generosity, honesty, protection, care, nutrition, etc.

The number 51 represents the sum of the numbers of the hour and the minutes part of the hour 05:55 (0 + 5: 5 + 5 = 5: 1 = 51). It is a series of balance, change, the establishment of harmony and stability in life, universal love, family, protection, etc.

The 05:55 mirror hour, as a combination of all these influences and energies, symbolizes the major changes that await the person who sees this hour frequently.

It can be related to the beginning of a spiritual journey and the acquisition of knowledge which will help the person to evolve in this journey. The changes will completely transform the person and their life.

It may take patience, adaptability, and optimism for a person to adjust to new circumstances, and this mirror hour represents confirmation by the angels that they will offer support to the person and will help him to adapt quickly to changes without much consequences. Often the changes involve the end of certain cycles and closures.

What to Do If You See 05:55?

The triple mirror hour 05:55 in our lives is a great message to be received from the Universe.

Seeing this hour often signals some important changes that the person is about to go through, often related to their family or love life.

This mirror hour is about compassion, care, protection, love, nutrition and balanced relationships with our loved ones. In many cases, the appearance of this hour can be a sign of changing phases in a person’s life, the end and start of a new one.

It often refers to the complete transformation of a person’s personality and traits.

The 05:55 mirror hour of your life may ask you to make room for new things and experiences to happen.

You will be called upon to get rid of negativity and bad influences. You are creating your reality and that is why it is important not to let negative thoughts and expectations arise. You need to surround yourself with optimistic thoughts and people and try to ignore the circumstances that are not in your favor.

By pretending that things are going well, you will influence circumstances to change in your favor. You need to have faith and determination to finally manifest what you want.

You receive the protection and support of your guardian angels. You may experience the end of some important relationships, but don’t lose faith that everything is going for your good.

If something isn’t worth your time and attention, don’t hesitate to let it out of your life.

Be focused on your goals and the future and make sure you prepare the conditions for the desired to come into your reality. You have to get rid of all the fears and doubts and imagine the result you want.


The triple mirror hour of 05:55 represents a great sign and message from the Universe and its guardian angels. They want you to know that you have their support in making your goals a reality.

Expect big changes in your family and relationship life and possible breakups.

Anything that does not serve its purpose must leave its reality to make way for things that are beneficial. Do not be afraid of changes, as they will bring many blessings to your life.

You have to take an active role in creating the space for these new circumstances to come in. Remember not to think about negative things and things that are bothering you. Expect only the best to come.

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