10:10 Meaning With The Guardian Angel, Spiritual and Numerology

The 10:10 mirror hour is very significant and it is also one of the most sought-after double hours. Here you will learn the meaning of the hour 10:10. To make our interpretation, we will use several different tools such as the work of Doreen Virtue, numerology, and the Tarot de Marseille.

When we observe synchronicity like the hour 10:10, it is natural to try to understand the meaning behind the sign! Is it positive or negative? Here we will provide you with all the elements you need to form your own opinion on the nature of the message behind this double hour.

However, this is not entirely true; we focus on materiality through very intangible ideas. Our technological achievements that lead our world to an increasingly digitized world actually make it more abstract.

Our technological advancements are truly fascinating, although there is still some to say how much better it used to be. It is human nature to do both; we took the bite of this apple a long time ago and it aroused our desire to know even more than we knew, which led to some amazing but also disastrous discoveries.

Maybe it was exactly as it should be; the apple tasted really good. With all our knowledge and on our way to progress, we imagined our modern digitized world.

The changes that mark technological progress are rapid, sometimes shocking, and not always easily adaptable or evenly distributed. And in all this digital mess, unknown forces still speak to us.

Today we are talking about this amazing and inspiring subject matter mirror hours. Before we talk more about this and interpret the meanings hidden behind mirror number 10:10, which is our main topic here, let’s talk more about the whole idea of ​​time and the measurement and recording of time.

The number 10 is a powerful symbol for the subconscious. This represents the end of a cycle. It is the sign of a strong connection with the Divine. In the Bible, we hear about the 10 commandments given to Moses, as well as the 10 plagues that plagued Egypt. We must therefore pay special attention to the advice that 10:10 gives us.

Meaning of 10:10 with Guardian Angels

Guardian angels inform you that you are going to experience major changes in your life. You are currently on your way to becoming the person you want to be! You are finally going to clearly cross the path to your destiny, and this is true in all aspects of your life.

10:10 indicates that the angels are by your side to give you the encouragement and confidence you need to explore territories and areas unknown to you. You will find the resources within you to succeed in new challenges!

10:10 Meaning With The Guardian Angel, Spiritual and Numerology
10:10 Meaning With The Guardian Angel, Spiritual and Numerology

It will give you lots of opportunities in your love life. Changing the setting will allow you to meet new people. You should step out of your comfort zone if you want to find the right fit. The same goes if you are in a relationship, as you will explore new sexual practices with your partner and expand your horizons.

You begin to realize that seeing angel number 1010 over and over is not just a coincidence because you deeply know that 1010 is a divine message to you. The Universe and your heavenly team of angels and spirit guides want you to know that 1010 is a sign of action and movement forward. As an angelic number, the general meaning of 1010 is to progress towards your higher purpose in life. Trust the Universe and what it has in store for you. Things happen for a reason, and overall your higher self knows the best path to get you where you need to be. Trust that everything is going for your benefit. And remember, the Universe always works on its own at the end of it.

Keep in mind that when you see the 1010 number pattern repeatedly, there are different meanings, and it is important to trust your intuitiveness and discern what 1010 symbolically means to you. Once you decode this message, you will realize why you are seeing 1010, and you will use this knowledge to guide you on your way. To help you on your way, here are 4 spiritual meanings and reasons why you keep seeing the number 10:10 everywhere.

But the most important point we can gain by performing 10:10 through the angels is that recognition and success are right on your doorstep in your professional and financial future. At the moment, you are undeniably very lucky. In addition, your work and your skills will finally be recognized. You will certainly receive the fruits of your labor.

Angelic Interpretation of the Hour 10:10

The corresponding guardian angel at 10:10 am is Lecabel, whose period of influence is between 10:00 am and 10:20 am. It symbolizes prestige and brilliance. It guides you to success and recognition! If you follow your gut and its advice, you will definitely get what you want!

The number 1 signifies the beginnings and the creative energy, in particular the creative forces of the universe. The number 1 suggests that a new path is opening up for us, offering us something new and necessary.

However, this number also reminds us that we carry the creative force of the universe within us and create our own existence through our thoughts, attitudes and actions.

This number encourages us to harness that power, take control of our existence, and make the most of the new opportunities that are presented to us by taking the lead in the situation.

The number 0 signifies everything and nothing at the same time, it is at the same time the existence and the non-existence, at the same time beginning and arriving at the end.

It reminds us that nothing ever really ceases to exist, it just turns into something different, and therefore the loss is never as final as we imagine it to be.

It helps you become a detail-oriented person. Your love of truth makes it easy for you to resolve some conflicts. You have great control over your emotions, which helps you avoid heated arguments. The angel Lecabel helps you in the field of the arts or in any activity requiring a high level of technicality.

Influence of the Archangels on 10:10




From 10:00 to 11:00 – Archangel: Camael – Planetary Energy: Mars


From 10:00 to 11:00 – Archangel: Michael – Planetary Energy: Mercury


From 10:00 to 11:00 – Archangel: Zadkiel – Planetary Energy: Jupiter


From 10:00 to 11:00 – Archangel: Haniel – Planetary Energy: Venus


From 10:00 to 11:00 – Archangel: Zaphkiel – Planetary Energy: Saturn


From 10:00 to 11:00 – Archangel: Raphael – Planetary Energy: The Sun


From 10:00 to 11:00 – Archangel: Gabriel – Planetary Energy: The Moon

What does 10:10 mean in Numerology?

The total value of the mirror hour 10:10 is 20, which is a sign of good health and harmonious living. It brings positive changes to your life. It seems that you are currently in an important period for your development. It can be spiritual or professional.

In astrology, in numerology, the number 1010 is also considered as the double 10 and as the numbers 1 and 0.

From this point of view, it is the number 1 that represents something full and whole, while 0 is empty and infinite. The two together form a perfect balance. Number 10 is a positive sign in numerology.

It comes with a start and opportunities that could lead to different results depending on how you use them, of course.

Angel number 10 is usually associated with the ideas and concept of the Divine and the perfect. We have ten fingers and toes, a sign of natural perfection. There are also 10 commandments in Christianity and 10 in Buddhism.

The Pythagoreans considered 10 to be a sacred number because it represents the sum of 1, 2, 3, 4, which are the prime numbers. These are identified with four essential creative elements.

There will be a happy event in your family that could be related to a wedding or the birth of a child! If you are single, 10:10 am is a sign that someone will fall for you, but they may not show you their feelings. It will be up to you to take the first step! Take some time to think about who around you might have secret feelings for you.

The number 20 will reward you for a lot of time and effort. You are an idealist and you like to do things right! You have now reached a point in your career or development where you will benefit from your persistence.

Finally, the numerology of 10:10 shows that you are a person who has a fondness for helping others. You have a great sense of charity and compassion, but be aware that people with bad intentions might mistake your big heart for weakness and abuse your trust for their benefit.

Biblical Meaning of Number 10:10

The number 10 in the Bible is a symbol of perfection, harmony and creation. This number is one of the most powerful and widespread, along with 3, 7 and 12. Number 10 is a symbolic combination of number 4, which is a number that symbolizes the world around us, the material part of it. universe and number 6 which is associated with human beings. The sum of these numbers symbolizes a man on Earth who needs to abide by God’s law to have a chance for a fresh start.

It is also a number of integration, discipline, laws and integrity. The phrase “God said” is repeated 10 times throughout Genesis. His word is also reflected in 10 commandments, which symbolize the ultimate law for anyone who can live. This number implies obedience and the person’s responsibility to obey the laws.

Jesus was chosen to take on the sins of mankind on the 10th day of the month, later known as the Day of Atonement, or in other words to take responsibility for mankind’s disobedience and sins. It is a holy day, which celebrates victory over evil.

There were 10 generations of people who lived before the Flood and were sinners, and the Flood swept them away because of their disobedience. Noah was of the 10th generation and the ark was created to lead to the new beginning. Pagan Egypt suffered 10 plaques from God, in order to liberate its people, which was also the reaction to human disobedience.

The Spiritual Meaning of 10:10

In spiritual terms, the number of 10:10 mirrors in any form could be best understood through the lens of angelic numbers.

Here we have the number 10 doubled. In fact, we have the number 1 and the number 0.

The angelic number 10 represents the qualities of these two connected numbers. The number 1 in angelic numerology represents leadership, motivation, assertive attitude, self-confidence, progress, success and action.

Number 0 is infinity, the first and the last, Alpha and Omega, often associated with divine power.

Zero represents universal energy and represents opportunities, beginnings and ends, the flow of eternal divine force. Zero amplifies the vibration of any number it is in and also gives it the ability to turn into everything and nothing.

Number 0 is always associated with spirituality and spiritual growth.

Therefore, the number 10:10, seen as the double 10, is an amazing angelic sign. It is synonymous with progress, personal development, and confidence.

This number encourages a person to move forward in life and pursue their goals. This number sparks ideas and imagination and makes them act to make them come true.

This is an incredible number and it is proof of angelic leadership for many. This number encourages positive thinking and a generally optimistic attitude towards life as a whole.

Everything works for your greater good

The first two numbers 1 and 0 are very important. Number 1 means entering into a new beginning, starting over or opening up to a new path in life. On the other hand, 0 means entering the great void, where everything comes from the Creator and everything will return to the Creator. In other words, to step into a much higher resonance, to an uplifting frequency closer to divine consciousness.

According to Doreen Virtue’s Angel Numbers 101, when the two numbers are combined to form 10, the overall message for you is to keep your thoughts positive and be patient as everything is working for your greater good. When you see the number 10 twice, it just means the message “10” is louder.

So, if you see 10:10 a.m. often, trust that the Universe is working behind the scenes to help you, and be open to receive whatever you need for your soul’s growth.

You awaken to your spiritual self

As you grow spiritually on your journey, you are awakening to your true self, and you are remembering that the Divine Creator is within you and all around you. The meaning 1010, in this case, is that you are ready to walk a new path that will lead you to attain higher states of consciousness as you begin to explore your special role in this Universe.

And when you find the courage to find out who you really are, you can lift the veil of illusions and see the world through the eyes of your higher self. You will become more aware of what you are thinking, saying and doing as the fire of the Creator burns your “old” you. And that’s when you start to feel and see your soul with absolute clarity.

You are ready to take action

When you are open to receiving, you align yourself with the Creator and the energies of the universe. More than ever, you need to stay focused on the things you want to experience in this life.

You must persevere in what you desire and strive for excellence. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you do it right. Be a hill if you can’t be a mountain. If you can’t be an ocean, be a lake. It is not the size that determines success, but being your best.

Remember that you are the creator of your own reality. Your thoughts become words and your words become actions. Each time you see 10:10 repeating itself, you are reminded to create what your soul desires. With this understanding, you realize the importance of directing your attention only to the things that elicit deep joy from within. And when you follow your passion with a determined course of action, you will find that the seeds you have planted will begin to grow.

You are fully taken care of

As you move forward on your path, you begin to remember why you are seeing the number pattern 10:10. Deep inside you know deeply that you are fully supported at all times by beings of light of higher vibrational dimensions. Every time you see 10:10 it is a reminder that you have a spiritual team working with you – you are never alone.

Never forget that you are co-creating your reality and that you are supported by the whole Universe. Take action by becoming the self-aware screenwriter of your own destiny. See 10:10 is a reminder of how the Universe works and the role you play in this great creation of life. Taking responsibility for your life is when you start to create the things you desire, rather than focusing on the things you fear.

The Connection between 10:10 and the Tarot

The Tarot card corresponding to 10:10 is the Wheel of Fortune! This arcane represents the end of a cycle that will prove to be positive for you. It will bring you success and good luck! There are big changes in the jobs, and they will all be to your advantage!


The wheel of fortune is a very positive omen. You will no doubt have heard the expression: “The wheels are set in motion”. That is the message of this card. You will find success in all areas of your life, and in financial matters, you will have a quick win! You will be able to manage large sums of money.


However, a wheel can also be unstable. When this card is in the wrong position, it can spell unhappiness and instability. After all, life is full of ups and downs.


In love, you will experience positive changes that will kindly smile when you meet again. You take care of yourself and it attracts people’s attention, but watch out for those who are too superficial.

At work, you will succeed in achieving all of your goals; nothing can stop you right now! If you want to apply for a promotion, then clearly now is the time!

When it comes to money, you will be totally successful, so you can relax! In the near future, you will significantly increase your income!

What should you do next when you see 1010?

If you see mirror number 10:10, and especially if you continue to see it for a longer period of time, look into these meanings and look for even more detail. If you already know the meaning of it, all you have to do is try to make the most of it.

Think about the situation in which the number 10:10 occurs.

You may have been doubting yourself lately and may be feeling less optimistic than before. The number 10:10 is a blessing, a sign that should make you start believing again.

Things could always get better and positive thinking is the first step towards new opportunities or just moving forward. If you take this as a message from the guardian angels, it should give you great encouragement.

Just because you keep seeing the same mirror number means it must be an important message addressed especially to you.


The mirror numbers are truly amazing things that prove that eternal energies are always on the run no matter how remote we may feel from the higher mysterious realms. Our digital screens may be conveying messages from another reality.

The number 10:10 is a good sign, as we have seen.

This number represents self-belief, ambition, goals, success, perfection, the balance between the whole and the void, positive thinking, and an optimistic attitude.

The key is to awaken these ideas and realize their potential in your own life.

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