Here are the meanings of all reverse mirror hours. They will give you an understanding of the message behind the times, like 12:21, 21:12, 01:10, etc. When we are faced with reversed time, it can sometimes give us a special feeling. In fact, it is because your subconscious has received a signal sent to you by a spiritual entity, by a guide, or perhaps most surprisingly, by yourself.

We will give you the name of the guardian angel who has an influence on the reverse time that you have seen. You will then understand how to interpret the time using the works of Doreen Virtue. We will also give you the meaning of the reversed hours with the help of numerology.

After that, it is up to you to look within yourself and determine the message that has been addressed to you personally. You can also view the double and triple mirror hours.

Meaning of reversed hours with guardian angels

we can see that there are 72 guardian angels, also known as 72 names of God. They accompany us throughout our lives and if we know how to communicate with them through synchronicities, we can receive all kinds of information relevant to our future.

You can find the angelic message of the guardian angel corresponding to the time of the inverted mirror that you have chosen by clicking on one of the green buttons below. Angels have different ways of communicating with us.

It can take many different forms, such as a white feather passing in front of our eyes, a small angel figurine, or a medallion with a cherub that appears to us in a certain way. It is important to be open to the different planes of existence that coexist at the same time as our own.

It can help us overcome difficult challenges. By working with the 72 angels, you can align your chakra and your energies. The angels will assist you in the practice of meditation and can provide you with powerful advice that will accelerate your spiritual awakening.

Meaning of reversed hours in numerology

Numerology allows us to analyze numbers and figures that will provide accurate information on your life path. Whether it’s a time, date of birth or even a license plate, strings of numbers are found everywhere.

Numbers are often a coded message that has been sent to us, but which we first need to know how to decipher. Here you will have a full interpretation of the reversed hours. You can also view other types of hours.

Numerology explains that all numbers have a meaning. By their differentiated vibrations, they direct you to a specific situation or message. And if you see the same numbers over and over again, you really need to get this message.

The legend of reverse mirror hours began in Europe when a woman began to pay attention to what was happening when she looked at her watch. She realized that the same situations were repeated at the same times and began to write in a journal.

From there, she became more aware of her own feelings and wisdom for how to act. Numbers became her best friends and with them, she planned her whole future so that he could make her wishes come true.

In the most mystical way, it can be said that seeing the reserved hours in the mirror (as well as the hours in the mirror) are messages from the Universe, sent by Angels. If there is a high frequency with which you see these times, it is because the message is urgent and must reach you anyway. See this as an opportunity to reflect on what is happening to you.

List and Meaning of Reversed Hours

To help you in this moment of discovery, Virtual Horoscope has created a list of identical and reversed times so that you can consult it whenever you have any questions. Output control:


01-10 in digital watch

When you look at your watch and see this time around, you can be sure that someone very close is romantically interested in you. However, do not wait and take the first step: the person is waiting and, who knows, even gives you some advice.   Read More


are you expecting good news? Do not worry! If you have looked at the clock and found it now, they will come to you quickly.   Read More


Do you know when we say your ear is hot because someone is thinking of you? We apply the same type of thinking at this time.   Read More


This time it’s more of a tip than anything else. According to numerology, when you look at your watch and see it, it means that your actions are harming someone, no matter how harmless they are. So be aware of what you are doing.   Read More


A surprise awaits you. Whether that’s good or bad, however, we can’t tell you. Therefore, always be aware of everything that is happening around you.   Read More


Are you in love with someone, but that person still doesn’t know it? Unfortunately, I have sad news for you: if you’ve looked at your watch and seen it this time, it’s probably related to someone else. It is, therefore, time to declare yourself or to move on.   Read More


Who has never been the subject of gossip? This is, unfortunately, something very common and routine. That is why when we look at the clock and see this hour, we are convinced that we have become the newest subject of the people. In this case, the right thing is to invest in items that suppress all negative energies.   Read More


Something is going to happen and, unfortunately, you probably won’t like it. So be prepared to handle the event in the best possible way.   Read More


You are probably missing something, even if you haven’t noticed it yet. It can be a person, an object, or even a specific event.   Read More


You may not have noticed it, but someone is flirting with you. So open your eyes and stay tuned.   Read More


someone misses you. Now is the perfect time to reconnect with distant friends.   Read More


There are always people gossiping about you, but there are also those enlightened souls who wish you well. When you look at your watch and face this hour, you can be sure that someone is sending you a lot of positive energy.   Read More


Getting ridiculed by people close to you is always very difficult, and that is what this hour indicates. However, you are strong and you will come out of this situation with your head held high!   Read More