11:17 Meaning With The Guardian Angel, Spiritual and Numerology

The accident plays no part in the coincidence when we talk about triple mirror hours like 11:17. It is a way for the universe to send messages to us. In fact, the universe uses numbers made up of identical figures to communicate with us. It whispers softly in our ears so that we look up at the time necessary to see that hour on our dial, on our phone, on our tablet, or on our computer.

Even though it seems accidental, the universe still wants us to notice these signs. If you have seen the 11:17 Triple Mirror Hour often in the past few days, this is a sign that should not be ignored. It hides an important and powerful message that concerns you, your life in the present moment, and your future.

This hour has meaning and it is through its analysis that you can understand its meaning. To interpret this hour, we rely on the help of numerology and guardian angels. Read on to learn more about the significance of this triple mirror hour.

These little signals that send us more strength can be a guide as to where and how we need to move in life, and they can also suggest the movements we need to make our journey more successful.

Today we’re going to talk in-depth about the 11:17 mirror hour and how your appearance affects you.

If you see numbers frequently and they almost always follow you, you need to get rid of them and find out the hidden meaning behind them.

11:17 Mirror Hour – Symbolism and Meaning

If you’ve recently started seeing the Triple Mirror at 11:17 so often that it can’t be a coincidence, you’re probably curious or even concerned about what’s going on and want to know its meaning.

Don’t worry, it’s just the Universe and its guardian angels contacting you during this hour because they want to deliver the message it carries.

This post will help you deal with some current issues or issues you are facing and you will be more than happy when you realize it. It’s important to take a chance and not ignore it because you don’t believe angels exist.

The message of this hour relates to the themes of initiative, success, achievement, self-confidence, power, higher knowledge, etc.

With our thoughts, we create the reality in which we now live. Suppose thought is the result of what is real, and sometimes even more than that.

To change your mind, you have to completely transform your consciousness, as this is the only way to change your reality in another direction.

11:17 Meaning With The Guardian Angel, Spiritual and Numerology
11:17 Meaning With The Guardian Angel, Spiritual and Numerology

Someone once asked Osho if he thought positive thinking had helped him wake up. He replied that positive thinking can only be a philosophy of hypocrisy.

He wanted to draw our attention to the possible transition of positive and negative thinking, to get out of duality and finally enter a state of existence in which ours can flourish.

But, this state of consciousness is not that easy to happen, where you just need to be what you are. Very importantly, our mind influences our lives, because with your help we gradually become aware of ourselves and deal with our thoughts and emotions better.

Significance of 11:17 with the Guardian Angels

Lehahiah tells you through this triple mirror hour that it represents subordination and work. He blows your powers and gifts upon you to enable you to work for a higher cause. With him, you will be able to work with humility and respect, discipline and order. If the work seems overwhelming, it will help strengthen your willpower.

Through this triple mirror hour, this angel who is your boss and protector also says that he will encourage you in your efforts and improve your endurance and your concentration. He knows that you will need all of these things to progress. It will also give you job security; the advancement and longevity of your career; Social consciousness; as well as feelings of gratification for the honor of what you do.

Guardian Angel Lehahiah tells you that he can help you if you have authority issues or if you lack discernment and power. It will also protect you from unjust laws, tyranny, and authoritarianism. At the same time, it will free your life from disloyal people who are not genuine and cannot be trusted.

This angel is also telling you that he is the embodiment of peace and that he will bring back the peace of mind that you have lost along the way. It will help you to implement peace and forgiveness in your life. In addition, it will give you a lot of patience and persistence to enable you to be successful in whatever you do.

Lehahiah also reminds you that you have the trust and recognition of your superiors. It fosters respect in your job and will give you what you deserve, depending on what you’ve done, whether it’s a promotion, a raise or more. By working hard, you will be successful and become highly paid, highly rewarded, and held in high regard.

What Does 11:17 Mean Spiritually?

When you start to see the mirror at 11:17, know that it is Guardian Angel Lehahiah, who is trying to communicate with you. It symbolizes work and subordination. You may be called upon to offer your services for higher purposes.

He will teach you the traits of discipline, order, respect, and humility.

If you find it difficult to finish your job or perform certain tasks, Lehahiah will be there to help strengthen your willpower and resolve.

This guardian angel will help you increase your focus and stamina. You will need to organize all areas of your life better and realize that this is the prerequisite for moving forward in life.

This angel will help you achieve professional success, find security in your job, and release all fears about your financial security. It will remind you of the need to feel gratitude and appreciation for the gifts and blessings you have.

If you are having issues with authorities in your life, especially at work, this Guardian Angel will help you deal with them and find a way to improve your relationship with them.

If you have problems with judgment or don’t feel confident enough, this will help you improve them.

If you find it difficult to make important decisions because you are afraid of making the wrong ones, Lehahiah will help you protect yourself from people you cannot trust and who might try to cheat you in some way. another.

This guardian angel will help you find peace and balance in your life. If you are feeling restless, worried, doubtful, and generally lacking stability and harmony in your life, Lehahiah will help you restore them.

It will help you forgive and find the strength to forgive yourself and others for the mistakes you have made. It will remind you of the importance of patience and help you get it until you wait for the result of your actions. This will ensure the success of all your businesses.

This mirror hour appearing in your life could mean a promotion soon or an increase in your income, possibly through a raise in salary. Lehahiah recalls that hard work always pays off and inspires her to make the necessary efforts to achieve her goals.

It will help you regain your optimism and willpower for the rest of your life. You will change the way you look at things and start to expect only the best results.

Lehahiah will remind you of the need to release all negativity from your life in all its forms and forms, be it people, bad memories, past injuries, bad habits, addictions, etc.

Anything that keeps you from moving forward and achieving your goals should leave your life forever. It reminds you that you are the more manifest of all the circumstances in your life and the only one responsible if you do not like the appearance of your reality.

It will help you get rid of all your fears, especially those related to your future, by reminding you of how bad they are for your success and the achievement of your goals. Fears are thoughts and, like any other thought, they tend to show up in reality if they are thought about for a long time.

Lehahiah will also help you to finally get rewards for your previous efforts. If you were expecting recognition for your accomplishments, this mirror hour may be a sign that you will receive it soon.

This will help you connect with influential people who can help you achieve your goals and support your efforts.

If you have temper issues and temper tantrums and find it difficult to control your actions, Lehahiah will help you calm your temper and emotions and regain control over your actions and behavior.

It will help you improve your self-image in your community. You will become more respectful and grateful to the people around you. It will also help you dissolve your superiority complex and selfish attitude.

This guardian angel will also help you increase your spiritual awareness and intuition. It will help you learn to hear the voice of your inner guidance on important issues in your life.

You will also intuitively sense the intentions of others and be able to protect yourself from your potential bad intentions.

What does 11:17 mean in Numerology?

When paired with the triple mirror hour 11:17, angel number 28 announces positive things for its future. It represents participation, alliances, and a successful partnership. It will also provide you with positive support to promote your professional success. You know how to organize and combine your efforts and have the skills to be a leader or a team leader thanks to your sense of conviction and tact.

In numerology, this number also symbolizes a strong capacity for adaptation, a high level of maturity and substantial protection. These qualities will come in handy for you to overcome all the ups and downs in life, such as sadness, remorse, boredom, uncertainty, and more. You will see that things are improving in your life and you will also have the support of women. You will also shine a lot with your ability to multitask at the same time.

Through the triple mirror hour of 11:17, this number also indicates a highly productive imagination, artistic talents, and a great sense of order. You may even end up enjoying fame in some areas of your life, but be careful not to fall into adversity or internal fights that may result.

This number also invites you to tune in to your inner power, while using your kindness, your listening, and your sensitivity. You will find that you have more confidence in yourself and a greater ability to express how you are feeling. You know how to solve problems taking into account all aspects of a situation. You have the ability to convince others with your wisdom and attention.

This angelic number also reminds you that you are an authentic person with a unique personality. You like to do things your way, and your independence and ambition keeps you from depending emotionally or financially on anyone. You dream big and want to feel proud and worthy of your unique skills.

What does 11:17 mean in Astrology?

The triple mirror hour is a combination of powerful energies of the numbers 1, 7, 11, 17, and 28.

The number 1 indicates independence, individuality, uniqueness, self-confidence, freedom, initiative, ambition, success, leadership, progress, achievements, power, energy, egoism, the manifestation of desires in reality, etc.

The number 7 indicates spirituality, the development of spirituality, the attainment of spiritual awakening and, ultimately, spiritual enlightenment. It symbolizes intuitive skills, psychic gifts, fortune, manifestation, wisdom, etc.

The number 11 is a number that symbolizes the mission of our soul and the higher purpose of our life. He calls the person to go inside and find out what their life’s mission is and start taking action to fulfill it. A person’s intuition and inner voice will provide the answers.

The number 11 resonates to help people and humanity in general, to serve others and the world, to do something for the good of humanity, to evolve spiritually, and to develop a person’s intuition.

The number 17 is a number of compassion, spiritual awareness, self-discipline, wisdom, travel and travelers, independence, hard work, respect for people, humanitarianism, etc.

The number 28 is a combination of the sum of the digits of the hour part and the hour part of the mirror hour 11:17 (1 + 1: 1 + 7 = 2: 8 = 28). The angel number 28 is a sign of the good things that await you in the future.

This number is a sign of professional success and career advancement. It is a sign of beneficial partnerships and the support of influential individuals. They will help you manifest your desires into reality.

This number is also a sign of leadership and organizational skills and taking on those roles in life. Indicates an ability to adapt that will help you easily overcome changing circumstances.

If you are feeling sad or upset, this trait helps you accept reality as it is and overcome negativity.

This mirror hour as a combination of all of these meanings and influences is a sign of developing your sense of organization and order. It may indicate developing your leadership skills, ambition, patience, and determination to achieve your goals.

It may indicate that you have achieved fame and fortune, but it also warns you not to succumb to feelings like vanity, superiority complex, etc.

This triple mirror hour can also be a sign of high artistic skills. It encourages you to gain confidence in your skills and self-esteem and to be able to express yourself freely, without feeling ashamed or feeling inadequate.

In astrology, the number 1 is the number of the Sun, as well as the sign of Leo ruled by the sun. The number 7 is the number of Neptune and the sign of Pisces ruled by the planet, Neptune.

What to Do If You See 11:17?

If you have started seeing the 11:17 Triple Mirror Hour very often and are wondering what it means and if there is anything you should do, the answer is yes, it makes sense and it does. it’s up to you to decipher it.

The Universe and its guardian angels speak to you and want you to know of their presence and support. Somewhere at the beginning, we said that we think that someone who is optimistic also means naive. Pessimism is something that is seldom appreciated. You should prefer to think of yourself as a real person, and it seems to us that we understand this reality and try not to distort it with our viewers.

Optimism for someone means that everything is beautiful and there are no problems, many will agree with this. Have you ever wondered what realism is? For us personally, optimism means learning to find the bright spots and solve the problems. You don’t think how good everything really is, but there is always something going on.

Have you heard the story of a half-full casino? As we already know, the pessimist complains that time is half empty and thinks that there will not be enough water.

The realist thinks he is objectively halfway and thinks there will not be enough water. The optimist thinks she has half a glass of water, so she drinks and goes to find a source from which they can fill the glass.

In most cases, the realist is a pessimist who, however, sees everything in a negative light and tries to justify his position, and sees himself as having an objective view of reality.

These characteristics are particularly pronounced in wartime. For example, a pessimist will see everything as black before the war and will always see himself as a realist.

An optimist knows war is a sad and painful thing, but he also knows that thousands of people can risk their lives to help or help the wounded.

Realistic people only see hardships, meanness, problems, and quits and can often become contradictory.

You may hear something about corruption on television or in public administration, realistically you will believe that all politicians will be corrupt now and it will be difficult to convince yourself that this is not the case.

When you have healthy optimism, it won’t make you think that some of them can be honest, but you will be looking at those who have investigated and uncovered fraud and had a hard time convincing you of your honesty.

You should strive to think positively, even when the going is not at all easy. It may seem like positive thinking can be worse than optimism.

You should try to look at reality by looking at the positive aspects, without ignoring the problems that exist.

The difference is that the pessimist will only look at the problems, never finding the right solution for them.

On the other hand, the optimist will seek the best solutions in all directions and all powers.


We hope that we have provided you with some useful information in this article and that you have been able to discover the meaning of 11:17.

The next time you notice that certain numbers are following you, you already know that they are trying to tell you something. They can really change your life, so take them more seriously.

Any number that pops up in your life isn’t there without a reason, so make sure you know what hidden messages are behind them.

Don’t ignore a voice that wants to lead and warn you. With this voice, it will be much easier for you to make the right decision.

For example, the 11:17 mirror hour enters your life to tell you to pay attention to your actions, but also to your thoughts.

Sometimes you have to invest some effort to achieve something, but other times you have to try to let go and make things happen naturally and spontaneously.

If you try to follow these tips from the 11:17 mirror hour, you will go through the next period in a calm and pleasant way, while your problems resolve themselves.

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