A “Triple Hour” is a two-digit hour. A Triple Hour is made up of three same numbers and one different. for example, 01:11, 22:20.

Here is the meaning of the triple hours. To find an interpretation of the triple hour that you have seen, you just have to click on the corresponding green button.

The number of triple hours is very important for the subconscious mind, and when we encounter this type of synchronicity it can give us many different types of feelings. Therefore, it is difficult to understand what message this sequence of three identical numbers gives us.

There are forty triple hours in total, so it’s very likely you’ve seen one before! Here you will receive reliable information about the meaning of such a sign, which may have been sent to you by your Guardian Angel but may also come from the mind of a deceased person, for example.

Carl Jung said that it is possible to receive a personalized message through signals that only we are able to perceive and appreciate. We’re talking about triple hours here, but these signals can present you in a different way as well.

A song that perfectly describes your current situation; a chance encounter that can change everything; or see a certain animal, or a feather. All these synchronicities are addressed to you and only to you! Here we will help you analyze the meaning of the hours.

To interpret other signals, you will probably be able to sense an emotion or an idea that they put into your mind. Analyzing this will usually provide the key you need to interpret their message.

Meaning of the triple hours with the guardian angels

Triple hours are often tied to angelic number sequences, such as 1:11, which becomes 111. Doreen Virtue’s works allow us to interpret these hours and share the information angels are trying to send to you.

You will have immediate access to the name of the angel who rules the triple hour you have seen. You will also learn the qualities it gives you and the imbalances it will help you correct. Make good use of these tips as they will often help you avoid certain pitfalls that can arise throughout your life.

The guardian angel is a protective entity sent by God to guide and protect us. To communicate with humanity, they use different signs and the appearance of a triple hour is just one of them. If you want to know more about the archangels, you just have to visit the double hour’s page and you will find their names and periods of influence.

Meaning of triple hours in numerology

In addition to an interpretation of the angels, we will also give you the meaning of the triple hours in numerology. This will allow us to highlight different aspects of your personality, as well as your past, present and future.

Through numerology, you will have access to a deeper analysis that will allow you to work on developing what is beneficial and putting aside what is holding you back or hindering you.

An analysis of numbers and numbers in one hour will allow us to give you a precise vision of your progress on this plane of existence. Whether in love, at work, or in money, you will have a clear vision of your future.

List of Triple Hours

Here is the List of all Triple Hours and their short meaning


00-01 in digital watch

This triple hour shows that you have a connection with the Creator and that you can feel him filling you with your love. It is also a sign that the situation will return to the starting point. Read More


Triple hour 00:02 your guardian angel will also correct your tendency to impose your will on others or to mess with fate. He also warns that your stubbornness and overly authoritative demeanor in relationships won’t get you anywhere. Read More


A triple mirror hour reversed mirror hour, or mirror hour like 00:03 are times when our subconscious can interact with us in unusual ways. These times are often interpreted in all sorts of creative ways. Read More


Numbers are a direct and simple way for the universe to send us messages without being filtered by the ego. When we see 00:04 on several occasions it is a sign the universe is trying to get our attention. Read More


Time 00:05: clocks and watches that display 00:05 as a time of day. The seconds on 12-hour clocks are ignored. See additional information in the parent category description.  Read More


Your watch does not display a triple mirror hour 00:06 by chance. It may be placed there intentionally or because of a number of individual factors, each with its own significance.    Read More


Because the hours 00:07 and 07 are both very spiritual numbers; they usually represent a very positive status in your spiritual journey, so they often confirm that you are on the right path.      Read More


The triple mirror hour 00:08 helps your guardian angel Vehuiah let you know that you are capable of doing anything you set out to do because of your determination, courage, and nerve.     Read More


When connected with the triple mirror hour 00:09, this number signifies a deep sense of compassion as well as a deep sense of idealism. When connected with this hour, this number signifies sensitivity, altruism, devotion, bounty, and knowledge.   Read More


The triple mirror hour 1:11 is a warning sign and a reminder to watch your thoughts carefully. The angels and the Universe have a message for you to only think about the things that you want to manifest in your reality and to avoid the ones that bring negativity into your life.   Read More


The Triple  Mirror hour 02:22 is associated with the guardian angel Cahetel, the angel of blessings and harvest. Your long-term desires are about to manifest, bringing you joy and fulfillment. This mirror hour indicates that you are close to reaping your blessings.   Read More


The triple mirror hour 03:33 is closely related to the guardian angel Lauviah, which resonates with this hour, as well as with the number 333. It symbolizes reciprocity and premonition.   Read More


The triple mirror hour 04:44, abundance can boost your activities in your current life regarding your goal. Abundance comes from what’s happening and your actions regarding your goal.  Read More


In the tripled mirror hour 05:55, Caliel, is a guardian angel who represents divine justice and truth. He is your all-powerful protector and ruler and he wishes to let you know that he will replace all doubts with love and integrity.    Read More


The triple mirror hour at 10:00 is a good sign from God and your guardian angels. Its prediction is that your desires will soon come true with the help of your guardian angels. Do not let your worries control your actions.  Read More


When you see the triple-mirror hour 11:10, you can take comfort in knowing you are connected with the Divine and have your needs taken care of by them. It’s a good reminder to have faith in your good fortunes.  Read More


The mirror hour 11:12 probably shocked you a bit, but don’t allow that to stop you. Instead, listen to this number’s message of protection and support that it is giving you throughout your life.     Read More


Lehahiah is telling you 10:13 that if you are on the right track then you will be able to correct any deficiencies in your acts or mental attitude on a daily basis. He is also advising you to adjust very quickly to new situations.    Read More


Number 11:14 is clearly a symbol of love, sincerity, loyalty, and trust. Trust is a very important factor in every relationship, and this number keeps reminding you of that. A person with the 11:14 angel number is highly sensitive and believes in real love.   Read More


He is also making you aware that he is distancing you from any unhonest people that cannot be trusted when you are in the triple mirror hours. He assures you of focus, perseverance, and strength by revealing it through the triple mirror hour 11:15.   Read More


As a result of the combined influence of the numbers in the Mirror Hour 11:16, this hour represents a call to discover our soul’s purpose and live it. Similarly, it may signal a call to make good choices and to discover your soul’s purpose and follow it.  Read More


You can strengthen your psychic abilities just by seeing the triple mirror hour 11:17. Throughout your life, they offer you their support as you work to overcome the challenges in your life so you can achieve. Read More


The guardian angel Lehahiah is telling you through the triple mirror hour 11:18 routinely that he expects you to work hard, work with diligence, discipline, and respect, as well as working with humility.  Read More


Lehahiah, the God of obedience, is associated with the number 11:19. Using the triple mirror hour 11:19, this angel is saying how he will rid you of any inferiority complex that you have while also protecting you  Read More


12:22 is an important triple mirror hour. It links partnership, duality, diplomacy, benevolence, humanitarianism, and selflessness. It links some important developments in these areas and from the Universe as well as from your guardian angels.  Read More


The angelic number 46, when taken with the triple mirror time 13:33, indicates that you should expect a number of changes in your life, particularly on a psychological level. Understand that you will be forced on your emotional ebb and flow, causing some kind of imbalance.  Read More


In receiving the triple mirror hour 14:44, one is receiving a very important message from the universe. This hour suggests the need to be persistent and determined if one wants to reach long-term goals.  Read More


15:55 is the triple mirror hour for the upcoming changes in your love life since you are about to be able to see what your guardian angels will reveal to you. During these trying times.   Read More


the number 20 relates to the triple mirror hour of 20:00, which depicts change, transformation, and improvement. It indicates you’ve chosen a good path. It is a sign that your mental state has changed or that your financial situation has improved.  Read More


The triple mirror hour 21:11 is urging you to believe in yourself and your dreams so that even the loftiest desires and aspirations will become actualized. Your guardian angel is always there for you.   Read More


When the triple mirror is multiplication by 22:20, it gives the number 42. Symbolizing love and happiness, this number has good vibrations and represents good fortune. Also, this angel number can contribute to your understanding, generosity, open-mindedness, friendship, and diplomatic nature.   Read More


A triple mirror at 22:21 tells you that this angel will bring you healing as well as help you know the divine laws. He is capable of harmonizing your body so you can realize what is healthy for you. He will also assist you in understanding the mysteries of nature.   Read More


Angel Habuhiah guards fertility and healing. It is a triple mirror hour of 22:23 which he uses to communicate with you. He promises you that he will bring you fertility, fertility of the Earth, and fertility of yours.  Read More


With the triple mirror hour 22:24, the number indicates that many people will fall into the trap of nostalgia. You need to make yourself stronger and develop a winning persona. There are stones and crystals that give the mind and body strength, so you might be able to look into the power of these substances.   Read More


In numerology, the number 47 coupled with triple mirror hour 22:25 indicates that you will succeed in all aspects of life including both your emotional and material well-being. You will accomplish everything you set out to accomplish, but you will need to pay the price.   Read More


He describes himself in the mirror as your point of contact if you are a doctor, but also indicates that he will assist you if you provide care or therapeutic treatment, as well as if you are spiritual.   Read More


Those who feel spiritually guided by the 22:27 Angel symbolize the fundamental energy that is the source of creation and regeneration. He may assist you in finding a more harmonious way of living.   Read More


Whenever the number 50 is associated with the triple mirror hour 22:28, it symbolizes extremely harmonious vibrations. It is a sign of tremendous creative power in conjunction with great peace of mind.   Read More


Significant in relation to the Guardian Angels At 22:29, he indicates that he is committing to helping women have a keener level of fertility so they may be able to produce extraordinary beings.  Read More


You can see the angel Haiaiel through the triple mirror at 23:33 letting you know that he will let you know he is with you and will protect and guide you to success by giving you energy, the unbounded force of will.  Read More