08:08 Meaning With Angel Spiritual and Numerology

Did you see the hour of the mirror 08:08 and want to find out what it means? Here, we will give you a complete overview of the meaning of this double hour. Your subconscious has noticed this synchronicity and since then you have the impression that 08:08 was an important sign for you, even if you have not fully understood its meaning.

Here we are going to show you the meaning of the 8: 8 mirror time using several different methods. One of these methods is an interpretation through the 72 guardian angels. You will then have an understanding of the message that the angels were sending you through this “twin hour”. You will also discover the meaning of the hour through numerology. The numbers hide a secret meaning and everything will be revealed!

Be aware! What we are providing here are interpretations using several different divination tools. It is up to you to allow enough time to analyze the feelings within you for those that seem most relevant to you. Consider this interpretation as a tool that will help you analyze the mirror hours for yourself.

Meaning of 08:08 with Guardian Angels

Here, the angels are talking about deliverance. If you feel that you are going through a difficult period, or if things seem too complicated for you now, you will finally be released from that burden, especially in the material aspect of your existence. Are you someone who is aware of your responsibilities but is really giving it your all?

08:08 Meaning With Angel Spiritual and Numerology
08:08 Meaning With Angel Spiritual and Numerology

The angelic interpretation of the 08:08 mirror hour suggests that you should check that you are doing everything you can. You have the potential to achieve great ambitions and move mountains, but for that, you will need to use all the resources at your disposal. You certainly have the opportunities, although sometimes you don’t have the perseverance.

Here you received an invitation from the guardian angels, an invitation to enlighten yourself through meditation. This practice will help you achieve what is known as a state of total consciousness. This will allow you to get rid of stress and anxiety. By focusing on the present moment, you free yourself from your fears and achieve tranquility.

You have great respect for morality and you should be proud of it! You are a natural authority figure for those around you. You are the one that people turn to when they need advice in difficult times. However, sometimes you feel like you’re wasting time because, unlike everyone else, you always follow the rules.

First of all, we have to say that angel number 0808 is related to spirituality and mysteries. As you can see, the number 0808 is made up of the number 8 which appears twice, and also the number 0 which appears twice. The number 8 represents fertility and infinity, but it can also be a symbol of the flow of energy.

Like all other angel numbers, the number 0808 also has its advantages and disadvantages. Angel number 0808 is a symbol of empathy and sadness. Now you will see more about its symbolism and secret meanings.

The most important secret meaning of angel number 0808 is empathy. In addition, we can say that these people are very sensitive. They also have great intuition and can read other people’s body language and gestures.

In addition, when other people in your environment are sad, they will also be sad in that situation. It is obvious that people with angel number 0808 will change their mood depending on other people. Angel number 0808 is a symbol of perfection and balance.

Angelic Interpretation of the Hour 08:08

The corresponding guardian angel at 08:08 is Nith-Haiah, whose period of influence extends from 8:00 am to 8:20 am. It symbolizes moderation and benevolence. He is the angel who trains people’s wisdom and intuition. It allows you to gain a greater understanding of the realms of spirituality and the divinatory arts. You can summon it to help ward off evil or fight a curse.

Sometimes, people with the angel number 0808 can be lazy, so they can have problems in their work. If you are seeing the number 0808 frequently, it means that you can be a lazy person and your angels want to encourage you to work harder.

People guided by angel number 0808 are big dreamers. They can feel lost in reality, so they can live in their idealistic world.

Sometimes, these people can also be materialistic. It is very important for them to buy expensive and luxurious things. These people also have a keen interest in travel, literature, and music, so they often have a lot of hobbies.

He will assist you in the study of guardian angels and Kabbalah. Working with the energies it gives you, you will forge a powerful spiritual armor for yourself. This will allow you to become a bearer of light that spreads your characteristic wisdom to those around you. It will also help you to master dream interpretation.

Influence of the Archangels on 08:08




From 08:00 to 09:00 – Archangel: Zaphkiel – Planetary Energy: Saturn


From 08:00 to 09:00 – Archangel: Raphael – Planetary Energy: The Sun


From 08:00 to 09:00 – Archangel: Gabriel – Planetary Energy: The Moon


From 08:00 to 09:00 – Archangel: Camael – Planetary Energy: Mars


From 08:00 to 09:00 – Archangel: Michael – Planetary Energy: Mercury


From 08:00 to 09:00 – Archangel: Zadkiel – Planetary Energy: Jupiter


From 08:00 to 09:00 – Archangel: Haniel – Planetary Energy: Venus

What does 08:08 mean in Numerology?

In numerology, the number 8 is a representation of karma and spiritual energy.

It is powerful and dominates the darkness. It is a number that builds intuition and spiritual connections.

It affects finances in a way that rewards hard work. It is aggressive in nature, but its combination with the number 0 gives it balance.
If you saw the number 0808 once, it doesn’t have to mean anything. But if that number is showing up very often next to you, it means that it is your angel’s number. Your angels decided to send you this number to remind you of your spiritual life.

In addition, your angels are telling you that good changes are on the way. You are a blessed person and will have much prosperity and success in the future.

But, you must keep in mind that you must leave your past behind and embrace all the good things that are going to happen. You have to eliminate negative thoughts and negative people from your life. You must keep in mind that it is necessary to close one door to open another, but it is important to know that “the new” that is coming will be much better for you.

The total hourly value of the 08:08 mirror is 16, a number of great values in the spirit world. You are able to see within yourself and others. Your intuition and predisposition to mediumship will allow you to progress in the esoteric world. You have the potential to help a large number of people work in areas such as meditation and hypnosis, as well as reflexology and well-being.

His development made him an independent person, perhaps too much. This can lead to misunderstandings with people around you, especially on the part of your family. Sometimes you are hard to follow! Remember that not everyone is going as fast as you are. You must put yourself in the shoes of the person you are talking to, or risk losing them halfway.

But be careful! The mirror hour 08:08 is also sending a warning through the number 16. If you don’t follow the path of humility and end up with a huge ego, you risk falling off the pedestal you built for yourself! 08:08 can suggest a resounding disappointment or even failure if you don’t maintain a caring attitude.

It can be stimulating to have superior skills or an advantage over others, but you must realize that if you cross certain limits in your behavior, you will have to face the consequences, consequences that are at risk of following you for a long time afterward! If you have already crossed those limits and are currently feeling exiled, take the time to find out! This will allow you to feel the positive attitudes you can take to improve the situation.

Biblical Meaning of Number 0808

According to the Bible, the number 0 means darkness and the absence of God. It can be traced from the beginning when there was nothing but darkness.

The number 8, in turn, represents a new beginning. God rested on the 7th day and the 8th day marked the beginning of the world.

The number 0808, therefore, is a symbol of change and new beginnings. It seems due to the thoughts that you project or prayers that you have been offering.

The Spiritual Meaning of 08:08

This brings us to the spiritual meaning of the number 08:08. Wherever you see it, whether as an hour in the mirror or elsewhere, the number 8 represents what we have just described.

Number 8 has a lot to do with someone’s ego and inner potential to achieve great things in life through their own work, skills, talents, and strategy.

This number is about fairness and reliability. The number eight represents what is constant, control, especially self-control.

It is also about free will and an authoritarian attitude, but it does not allow the exploitation of others.

However, people who are connected with angel number eight can be difficult. However, they are usually down-to-earth, practical, and persistent in their goals. In these terms, to see it as an angelic message, in this combination means to pursue your goals bravely and that there is no reason for doubts.

In 08:08, we also have zero, which amplifies the effect of 8. Zero represents infinity, Alpha, and omega, as the beginning and the highest. Zero is nothing, but not in a negative way.

It represents the widespread universal celestial energy. It is the number of opportunities. In combination with 8, it offers opportunities for great success, if you manage to use your potentials correctly.

Angel number 0808 is believed to be a symbol of duality. This number consists of the numbers 8 and 0, which means that this number is divided into a real and spiritual world. There is no doubt that the number 8 is associated with mystery and spiritual life. People with this number are forced to look for answers and discover things around them.

The connection between 08:08 and the Tarot

The Tarot card corresponding to 08:08 is Justice! This Arcanum symbolizes respect for the law. It represents justice in decision-making. It represents organization and judgment. She is the authority over everything!


The letter of Justice is usually dominant in one reading. She exercises her decisions over the other Arcana. It is a sign that something important is going to happen, regardless of the area. It will bring balance and honesty. It supports people who work in administrative functions.


You can not mention justice without also mentioning judgment! If you are currently concerned about a lawsuit, 08:08 is an undesirable suggestion that you will face conviction. But this can also be true in your romantic or professional life. You will have to be careful what you say and do!


In love, Justice can have a double meaning: a marriage or a divorce, depending on the letters that surround it. In either case, there will be important decisions to be made regarding your emotional life.

At work, you risk having to deal with lawyers or judges. This may involve signing a contract or settling a lawsuit.

In terms of money, this card suggests that questions regarding a will or inheritance are going badly.

What to do if you see 08:08?

If you see 08:08 all the time and if you are somewhere close to you, this is the sign that you should try to relax more, as this will help you to deal with everyday concerns better. Your guardian angels are supporting you on your path to success.

This is the right time to try harder because you will have everything you want. There is no doubt that seeing 08:08 announces happy occasions in your life in the next period because everything you think about will go the best way.

In addition, your angels are telling you that good changes are on the way. You are a blessed person and will have much prosperity and success in the future.

But, you must keep in mind that you must leave your past behind and embrace all the good things that are going to happen. You have to eliminate negative thoughts and negative people from your life. You must keep in mind that it is necessary to close one door to open another, but it is important to know that “the new” that is coming will be much better for you.

Angel number 0808 is also saying that you are on the right track in your life. Your angels are supporting you and want to help you in a difficult situation. It is time to learn new lessons and think more about your spiritual life.


Don’t underestimate the power of 8: 8 if you see it on the clock or somewhere near you. Seeing these numbers daily gives a clear signal that things are going to get better in the future.

You may discover some personality traits that you didn’t know before.

On the other hand, you can connect more with your body and soul through conscious practices.

Listen to guided meditations or do yoga – this will help you a lot to achieve peace of mind. Just believe in your guardian angels and accept the messages that 08:08 is sending you.

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