How to Stay in the Gaming Loop with Twitch and YouTube?

Gaming Loop with Twitch and YouTube

In a world where gaming is big business – even taking on the likes of Hollywood and the music industry – it can be hard to stay up to date with the latest news about the sector. There is now a plethora of information streams, from social media to traditional news outlets to apps, expos and press releases.

However, all this media can feel a bit overwhelming, particularly if you prefer a specific title or category of gaming. Fan communities, whether in messaging apps like Discord, online forums like Reddit, or streaming channels like Twitch, offer greater accessibility and connection.  

Although Twitch began as a way to watch other people playing video games from the comfort of your own home, it has since expanded to become a general gaming and streaming hub. People stream all sorts of things, including WIP art projects, chatty catchups and music making, but the platform has stayed true to its roots and mainly features gaming content.

Gaming Loop with Twitch and YouTube

Its only real competitor right now is YouTube Live, the live-streaming section of Google’s YouTube. Both sites offer a place for reliable, high-quality streaming, where audiences can grow along with tightknit communities. 

How to Use Twitch and YouTube 

If you’re interested in using these platforms as an audience member, then the process couldn’t be easier. Simply sign up for a free account, search for a streamer or subject you’re interested in, then see if they have a live or saved stream for you to watch.

Many creators publish regular streaming schedules, so audience members know when to tune in. Although there is plenty of free content on Twitch, many full time and pro creators require a subscription to view all their content. Subs can cost between $4.99 and $24.99 per month. 

How to Use Twitch and YouTube

Why Use Twitch and YouTube? 

So, if subscribing to a popular or interesting channel could cost as much as a Netflix subscription, why should you bother doing it? If you’re a gaming fan, then it’s a no brainer.

Events like Nintendo Direct and PlayStation State of Play do a good job of hinting at what’s coming up next, but Twitch and YouTube channels can show viewers real-time gameplay, provide experienced gamers’ opinions on new titles, and often give exclusive access to pre-release information and visuals. 

They are also the perfect opportunity to learn more about your game or genre of choice. For example, the sustained popularity of online casino gaming has made its mark on the world of streaming, with channels broadcasting content like live gameplay, advice on how to play, and general chat about a game of choice.

Established online casino platforms have matured and developed since the early 2000s boom and now offer players a wide range of different variants including 100s of slots titles and live dealer games. 

If you’re a newcomer to card and table games looking for advice to get started, or an experienced player looking to up your game, then Twitch and YouTube are the places to go for tips, insights and the chance to watch high level gameplay. Plenty of Twitch channels, especially, are dedicated to slots, blackjack, roulette or other classic games, leaving you with loads of options to choose from. 

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The Best Names in the Biz 

For the best introduction into this world, it’s essential that you check out some of the most popular gaming channels currently available. See below for our top 3. 

  1. Ninja – Richard Blevins – 18.6 million followers. Mostly streams Fortnite, though also dips into Just Chatting streams occasionally. Ninja is comfortably the most successful Twitch streamer of all time and continues to pull in massive audiences whenever he broadcasts. 
  2. CasinoDaddy – Anton, Eric and Matthias Joelsson – 193K followers. Regularly stream slots gameplay, although they also play other casino games live. This band of three brothers play through different popular slots titles and are a casual, entertaining yet informative watch. 
  3. Pokimane – Imane Anys – 9.4 million followers. Streams a range of different games, most recently Fae Farm, Valorant and Risk. Pokimane is another legendary streamer who recently reached her 10-year stream-anniversary. 

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