What Are Annual Profections and How To Calculate Yours?

Based on the natal chart, Annual Profections is an ancient form of Hellenistic Astrology that identifies a theme and a planet you will focus on for the year.

If you use the whole sign house system for the first year after birth, the Rising Sign in the 1st House will indicate a 1st House Profection Year. Then, in the second year, you will move into the second house perfection year, and so forth. The house’s perfection will repeat itself every twelve years.

According to your natal chart, the house which will be activated for you for the year will also be located in a certain Zodiac Sign, and the planetary ruler of that sign will be of particular significance for you for the year, known as the Time Lord.

By using time-lord techniques, you can determine which planets are active at a given point in time in a Natal Chart. You will be more attentive to the transits of the planet which is activated during a given period.

The Annual Profections are a way to see what will be a major focus for you for the birthday year in the same way that eclipses are a way to see where eclipses fall in your chart. The astrological chart is commonly used combined with your solar return chart on the day of your actual birthday, in order to predict what the coming year may hold for you.

Ran explanation of the Profections wheel, including how to calculate yours automatically, and what it means for the different Houses to be active:

What Are Annual Profections and How To Calculate Yours?

What is Annual Profections?

Astrology’s popularity continues to soar, and more people are becoming familiar with not only their sun sign but their “big three” (the sun, the moon, and the rising) and eventually learning about their entire natal chart. Increasing excitement is also fueling interest in specific astrological techniques typically used only by professional astrologers. TikTok is presently highlighting the annual profections technique, also known as the Time Lord technique.

Although it has been referred to as a “natal promise report” on the social media platform, regardless of what it may be called, the technique can provide insight into the themes and tone of a particular year in your life. Although TikTok has jumped on this trend just around the turn of the new year, it is important to note that annual achievements are based on your age, not the calendar year.)

Annual profections are a method for locating a specific area of your birth chart that is essentially activated once you reach a certain age.

Annual Profections natal chart
Annual Profections natal chart

For example

  • When you are born, for instance, you enter into a house year (the same sign as your rising sign, which represents who you are and what you do). Upon reaching your 1st birthday, you enter your 2nd house year. Upon reaching your 2nd house year, you enter your 3rd house year, etc. In order to understand annual progressions, it is helpful to remember that they follow the astrological houses of your birth chart, so once you reach your 12th year, you will automatically jump back to your first house year.

Each time you move into a new house on your birthday, the topics associated with your age become more prominent during that time period. Therefore, it is no wonder that ages 19 (a year in the eighth house, ruled by birth, taboos, and transformation) and 23 (a 12th house year, ruled by dreams, secrets, and emotions) are generally challenging ages for many individuals.

What Annual Profections Aim to Do

According to the annual profection technique, developed in the Hellenistic tradition of astrology and dating back to the second century B.C., you can determine which house of your birth chart is being activated at each age.

If you look at your natal chart, you will notice that it is divided into 12 houses. It is always the ascendant, or rising sign, which falls on the cusp of the first house. There are 12 houses, each of which governs a different aspect of our lives.

  • First House: The physical body, self-image, and personality
  • Second House: Income and material possessions
  • Third House: Communication, education, siblings, and short-distance travel
  • Fourth House: Security, home, and family
  • Fifth House: Love, creativity, self-expression, and children
  • Sixth House: Routines, health, your day-to-day job, pets
  • Seventh House: Partnerships (platonic, professional, and romantic), marriage, and intimate relationships
  • Eighth House: Sexuality, emotional bonding, intimacy, death, rebirth, and transformation
  • Ninth House: International travel, adventures, philosophy, higher education
  • Tenth House: Reputation, public image, career
  • Eleventh House: Friendships, networking, long-term plans
  • Twelfth House: Psyche, intuition, dreams, spirituality

In order to determine the “flavor” of a certain year, it is important to determine which house is activated during a certain age.

It is also important to note that the sign on the cusp of that house is also important, because it will lead you to your annual time-lord, who is basically your showrunner for that particular year. We will discuss that in more detail shortly.


The first step is to locate your age on an annual profusions chart – either on an astrology site or on Google images. Using the annual profections chart, you can determine what house will be activated based on your age, which means that the themes associated with this house will be relevant until your next birthday.

Next, you should pull up your own birth chart and locate the house in your birth chart.

  • When you’re 24, you’re in a first house year. But what sign your first house falls under can tell you a lot about what it will be like. Basically, if you’re an Aries rising at 24, your first house (Aries) will be highlighted.
  • Moreover, the planet that governs your first house (in this case, Mars) would serve as your appointed ruler.r. Getting to know the meanings of the sign Aries, as well as its ruling planet, Mars, can help you to get a better understanding of the year ahead. You will likely have an assertive, direct, and action-oriented year in which self-expression is the primary focus (first house topics).
  • It is helpful to understand the function that the profected planet plays in your chart in order to understand your profected year more fully. For example, if you are a 24-year-old Aries rising with Mars in Taurus in your second house of money and resources, these issues are also likely to be prominent this year. This may also provide some insight into why you may have a more challenging year, because Mars is essentially quite uncomfortable in Taurus, which is ruled by Venus.

There are many layers to annual profections, just as every year in your life is filled with many layers – and annual profections can provide a supportive guide as you navigate the ups and downs of every age.

Annual Profections in the Houses:

1st House Profection Year

The House where Mercury is “in its joy” or exaltation will be a place of great expansion and growth, where ideas, projects, and visions can be fulfilled. As one moves into the first House from the second, one is opening up new doors in life.

This year may bring you a lot of growth and changes. A shift in how you view the world and yourself. It may also be an important time for a self-assessment. Perhaps your aesthetic is something that you want to cultivate, or perhaps you are in a new phase in your life and want to reflect on where you have been and where you are going.    

2nd House Profection Year

A core element of financial planning is to make sure that your values are aligned with the goals you have for yourself in life. If they are not, you could end up in a place where things may not work out the way you hoped. In addition to financial planning, it’s important to be aware of how your values are influencing your actions and decisions.    

3rd House Profection Year

This House deals with how you communicate with others and how you process information. It also deals with siblings, relatives, routine or short-distance travel, learning, and publishing. The Moon is said to be “in its joy” in this House.

You may have a big announcement for a wedding or a birth of a child. Or, it may be just something small. If it is small, it could be the start of a new business, a change in your career path, or it could be a major life event.    

4th House Profection Year

Your mother and mother figures have an effect on everything in your life. During this year, if you have a close relationship with your mother and your mother figures, they may play a significant role in your life. You may decide to explore certain areas of yourself, like your inner child, ancestral traumas, and your home life or move away from a bad relationship or a relationship that doesn’t work for you.  

5th House Profection Year

This is the House of joy, pleasure, creativity, children, hobbies, and what you enjoy. If you are artistic, this may be heightened during this time, or you may discover a newfound sense of creativity. You may also desire to have children or come into focus with them in some other way.

Venus has its joy here. Venus’ presence can be associated with a brightening of the atmosphere and the expression of a fresh, vital energy that can lift and inspire. The energy may be a positive one in helping to restore balance to the individual.    

6th House Profection Year

This is the area where we spend most of our time. It’s where we develop good habits and bad ones. It’s where we get in touch with the things that keep us grounded. It’s where we build relationships. This is where we spend our energy and where we can start to become healthier.

It is also the house of pets and animals. Mars, in the 6th House, is the ruler of the 6th and 2nd House. This is the house of joy. A 6th House year can be a bit laborious at times, but it’s important to make sure the things you do regularly also allow you to relax and have fun.    

7th House Profection Year

The House of relationships (also called the zodiac) is a collection of astrological influences that influence all aspects of human life, from friendships to romantic relationships, and even business partnerships. You will make significant new deals, contracts, partnerships, and may meet a soulmate or become more committed in existing relations, such as getting married.

You’re probably going to get some major surprises in your personal life and relationships. If you aren’t prepared for them, they could come out of the left field and change the course of your future.    

8th House Profection Year

This is the house of death and rebirth, of transformation and transmutation, of other people’s money (such as inheritance, taxes, grants etc.), sex, power and growth.

It’s likely that 2018 will be a year of transition. It can be a very powerful time if you allow it to be, or a challenging one if you do not. If you’re ready to take a look at the big picture, the best way to approach it is by thinking of a year of your life in three stages: – Stage 1: Growth Stage 1: Growth This is where you can begin to explore and heal some of the issues from past relationships, to discover new aspects of yourself, and to start to shed a layer of self-consciousness.

A good example of a positive return is when an investment returns more than what was invested. The opposite is also true – a drain on your capital.  

9th House Profection Year

This is the area of long-distance travel, expansion, foreign destinations, higher education and learning, philosophy, Astrology, spirituality, and religion. The Sun is said to be in its joyous phase, and this can make for a great time for travel and work, so make sure you stay positive.

In this year, you might be interested in studying something new, of expanding your knowledge in some way, of expanding your worldview through either philosophical or deep discussions, or by literally travelling abroad or being involved with foreigners in some way.

You probably have strong feelings about your religion, spirituality, and Astrology. If you feel that you need to make some changes in how you view and relate to these elements, I’d be willing to help you with the process.    

10th House Profection Year

This is the House of career, public image, and persona. If your MC line is here, it points to your career, vocation, and purpose, as well as your job. And while some people’s MC lines are located elsewhere, it can be a way to connect with your father or paternal figure.

A personal astrological reading is a service that offers guidance regarding career, relationships, health, and other topics. It is an opportunity for you to gain insight into how your natal chart reveals the past, present, and future that is affecting your present life.    

11th House Profection Year

The House of friendships and groups, of alliances, communities, humanitarianism, and charity. When the House of friendships and groups is active, your close friends may feature more strongly in your life, you may join more memberships and clubs, or you may be involved in collaborative efforts of some kind. Jupiter, known as a planet of luck, is in its joy right now.

Jupiter is known as the planet of hope and dreams, so it’s a great time to get that wish of your heart granted. If you can’t do anything else today, write down a wish for yourself and Jupiter will bless you!    

12th House Profection Year

This placement will take you through your dreams of the past and guide you to your subconscious feelings, memories, and experiences which are tied to your current life. This will help you find the connection between what you are experiencing in this life and your previous life.

Jupiter is in its joyful and expansive house now. This year, it will bring you many opportunities to do what you love most – and to expand and grow in all aspects of your life. As a result, you will feel more joyful, positive, and hopeful than ever before.  


Annual Professions are a great way to gauge which area of life and its themes may be more in focus for you for a given year of life. It can be helpful to keep an eye on the planetary rulers and other important aspects during your yearly astrological forecast. If the planets show an aspect that will affect your finances or a career theme, there is a good chance that this aspect will have an effect on your yearly forecast.

Have you ever worked with Annual Profections before? I’d love to hear about your experience in the comments section below, or if you have any questions or anything else to add, I’d love to know.